Why You Should Learn to Code in 2019

We’re already deep into the start of the New Year, but many people still find themselves scrambling to settle on a New Year’s resolution (or perhaps a replacement one).

Getting in shape, eating healthy and drinking more water are all noble goals, but sometimes, it’s good to shake things up and find a completely new and original resolution that you haven’t attempted yet.

It’s not too late to consider other fun and exciting resolutions to add to your list of ways to better yourself this year, and here are some reasons that learning to code is a great candidate!

It’s Never Been Easier

While several years ago it may have seemed like a rare and difficult skill, coding is now more accessible to all demographics and age groups than ever.

Many experts in the field of coding compare it to learning a language, even stating that children should be encouraged to start learning in early elementary school to get a grasp of it when they are most likely to retain the knowledge.

There are learning platforms for all age groups, but here are a few that may be beneficial for you to look into regardless of your age or exposure:

  • Codeacademy – This website is targeted at older audiences, recommending users be 14 years of age or older. There is free access with the option to upgrade with numerous courses offered on a range of topics. It is an excellent resource for understanding the syntax of coding, though you may need to look elsewhere in addition to get more hands on exposure with application.
  • Scratch – Rather popular, particularly with young learners, Scratch is a programming language that serves as a great introduction to learning more advanced and complex coding languages and concepts. You can use Scratch to design games, animations, stories and more. Plus, you can later share your content with others.
  • Codakid – While this resource is generally geared towards children who are learning how to code, it serves as a great starting point in general. It is a fun resource that is ideal once you already grasp the fundamentals and basics, and they also provide a number of resources on the world of coding in general to help give you a better understanding of available resources.
  • Khan Academy – Another resource geared towards older users, this extremely popular resource offers almost all of its contents free of charge. There are educational videos that cover coding as well as a wide range of other subjects that also may pique your or any children your life’s interest. Their lessons and exercises are brief, easy to follow and a great way to practice your coding skills.

Coding is a Lucrative Skill

If you’re looking to switch up career paths or get yourself started on one in the first place, it is anticipated that there will be around one million open job positions in the technology sector by 2020.

It is no question that exposure to technological skills is becoming less of a bonus trait and more of a necessity.

Even if you aren’t looking for jobs in this field, however, coding still promotes and strengthens a number of other positive qualities and skill sets as well, including computation skills, creativity, communication, problem solving and more.

David Dodge, CEO of Codakid, stresses how necessary a basic grasp of coding is becoming in virtually every field:

“Every business is nearly every sector is becoming a technology company. In order to prepare ourselves for the jobs of tomorrow, we need to teach the language of computation as early as elementary school. Even people who don’t end up in computer programming will find these skills essential in tomorrow’s world.”

Whether you are looking to code for personal or professional reasons, the skills gained from coding experience are incredibly useful.

Coding is Fun

Though we all set our resolutions with the intention of bettering ourselves, it’s always a bonus when we can also have fun doing it!

There are plenty of practical uses for coding, especially in the job field, but you can also design games, stretch your creativity to see what kind of original ideas you can come up with, and explore all of the educational and fun programs and apps that are out there.

Many platforms to help you learn how to code are kid-friendly, but there are plenty of fun options for all ages! Plus, this may even be an opportunity to make it a resolution for the whole family, providing an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones while also developing an incredible new skill.

In Summary; Why You Should Learn to Code

It’s fantastic to get good habits started in the gym and the kitchen, but it’s also a great idea to start good habits at your desk as well.

Coding is easier to learn now than it has ever been before, and it provides lucrative skills that you can use in your career and everyday life as well as an opportunity to have some fun.

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