Pyramid of e-learning;

Many people  are too busy trying to live. They may want to better their lives, learn that new skill or take that fantastic training course but they are too caught up in day to day living. The only thing stopping many prospective students from enrolling into the program of their dreams is distance and the time to attend.

What if your students aren’t in your vicinity? 

E-learning is simply learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet.

This pyramid uses Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to explain why people need e-learning. But first let’s look at Who.





Who is using e-learning?


Primary, Secondary and higher institutions use e-learning to supplement normal lessons and to achieve blended learning. Many use it to deliver holiday lessons, do assignments, group work, etc. In fact, it’s applications are so versatile, we had to list it among the 5 current innovative school trends.

Training institutes, Learning centers/Private Tutors

Organisations which offer short programs and courses are now enrolling a lot more learners using e-learning. With the right LMS, you even have the ability to simulate a whole interactive classroom online. The possibilities are wide!


Companies, now more than ever are using e-learning tools to deliver online training to their staff


  • Lower cost
  • It is faster
  • More effective – higher retention
  • Personalized and self-paced
  • High capacity & easily scale-able
  • For the sake of ‘Going paper-less’ (Why?)

But do you need it?

Hold up; before you run out and try to get yourself in on the e-learning action, you should decide if it’s really for you. It can be a bit confusing; even though e-learning is much cheaper to deliver than regular brick-and-mortar  classroom teaching, developing it may be initially more expensive. Besides that, you’re not sure if you have the right audience for it yet. In Nigeria, your target audience/student base might not even have access to computers! It’s a classic short/long term conundrum.

Let’s help you decide. Contact us now to help you evaluate your e-learning needs & get you a custom quote. suggests you should consider an e-learning solution if:

  1. There is a significant amount of content to be delivered to a large number of learners;
  2. You have many learners from dispersed locations;
  3. Learners have limited daily time to devote to learning;
  4. Learners have at least basic computer and Internet skills;
  5. Learners are required to develop homogeneous background knowledge on the topic;
  6. Learners are highly motivated to learn and appreciate proceeding at their own pace;
  7. Content must be reused for different learners’ groups in the future;
  8. The course addresses long-term rather than short-term training needs;
  9. There is a need to collect and track data.

If your needs fit into up to or more than 5 of these options…

How to get started

After you give us a call, we’ll evaluate your needs and set up an LMS that is tailored to your content and target audience.

If you’re thinking of getting a little hands-on instead, then Read these 6  steps for creating e-learning courses.



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