Work from home with these tools

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From your email to the Drive; sheets, docs and slides, all you need is an account to have you virtually collaborating in no time.


Some of us still prefer a face-to-face conversation to give us that human feel while we discuss important issues or brainstorm. Hold meetings with your team from anywhere in the world.


Try this if you’re part of a sales team and need to log your sales/marketing activities while ensuring your team is doing the same. The mobile app logs calls too.


Sometimes we can lose track of important information and forget to share them with the team. Hugo helps you create meetings and safe notes to keep everyone in sync.


Trying to upload lesson notes, send assignments to your students or communicate with Parents? SAFSMS has your back, and the mobile app makes all of that even more of a breeze.

Whatsapp Messenger

Yes, good old Whatsapp groups. Create groups for different teams or classes. That way, whatever information you pass, is sure to reach everyone. (as long as you have their phone numbers)

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