Computer programming is becoming an essential skill, as software and digital technology continues to take over most aspects of our daily life. IT skills are now in high demand, with most major tech companies paying employees over $120,000. Parents and schools are now focusing on teaching kids coding from very young ages. These days, even a 10 year old could build an app worth millions.

But one question keeps re-occurring in educational circles: Should all kids learn to code?

69% of 97 people believe that all kids should be taught programming. That says a lot about the demand for this skill today.

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So does that mean it’s advisable to force children to learn a particular skill they aren’t inclined towards, just because it’s in demand? That’s a question that people still aren’t sure how to answer. But I think it’s definitely necessary for computing & STEM activities to be integrated into our school programs somehow to reflect the needs of the future.

Learning to code is often compared to learning a foreign language. While the language of coding can be learned later in life, it is easier and more naturally acquired at a young age.

6 Benefits of Learning coding Early

      1. computational/critical thinking
      2. problem solving skills
      3. order and sequencing skills
      4. visual spatial skills
      5. better communication and self expression
      6. acceptance of mistakes

Having these skills in mind, we decided to look up a few after-school/weekend clubs that kids can join and start learning coding and other basic STEM skills. Besides our very own Holiday Kid Coders program, here are some more options to explore:

If you know of any other coding/STEM clubs for kids, please share in the comments below to help others around you!