As of today, 23rd March 2020 many schools around Nigeria and the world have been shut down as a precaution against the spread of the deadly Coronavirus (Co-Vid19); believed to have originated in China in November 2019. 

Right now, there are 40 confirmed cases in Nigeria and fears that there could possibly be more. For live updates on worldwide cases, check Worldometers.

Essential SAFSMS Features for these times

As some of our clients have expressed, we know a lot of schools are anxious about the situation as there is no clear guarantee when the outbreak will be under control and it will be safe to resume. But that doesn’t mean learning or school activities have to completely come to an end. With SAFSMS Parent, you can easily keep in touch with your students and their parents and we’ll show you how.

  1. Send updates 

You can send any updates about new resumption dates or other important info across to all parents, parents from a particular class or parents of a group of students. 

SAFSMS Teacher view. Message parents

SAFSMS Teacher view. Message parents

How it works

  • First, make sure you’re approved as an SMS Manager (this gives you permission on SAFSMS to send bulk messages/emails to parents) and check that you have enough message units on your account.
  • Click on ‘Send SMS’ and under  the ‘students’ tab, select the class of the student(s) you wish to contact.
  • From the list that appears, select the particular students you want to reach, or tick the checkbox at the top to select all.
  • Choose whether you want to send an email/sms to parents of selected students and then compose your message in the text field.
  • Hit send and your message is on it’s way to all intended recipients! There’s a mobile app too so parents can get notified instantly and be sure that all messages from your school are right from the official source. They can also keep track of all notifications from the school in one place. 

You’re not using SAFSMS yet? Try a demo now or Check out some user stories to see how other schools are using SAFSMS to improve the way they work.

SAFSMS Parents Screenshot

SAFSMS Parents view. Assignments tab.

         2. Upload lessons/assignments 

You can still keep your pupils busy and meet some of your assignment deadlines by uploading lessons and assignments on SAFSMS for pupils or their parents to download.

SAFSMS Parents view. Lesson plan tab

SAFSMS Parents view. Lesson plan tab

How it works 

  • First, check that you’re currently assigned a class or subject teacher role on SAFSMS.
  • Navigate to ‘Manage assignments’ and select one of your classes from the options.
  • You can now create a new assignment and assign to a particular student or the whole class, attach a file and save!
  • The students/parents get a notification and they can easily download the attachment and upload their submissions when they’re done.
  • Download assignments at the deadline and grade at home.

Pretty neat right?

        3. Introducing our E-Learning Services  

Learning face-to-face won’t always be possible, as we’ve seen during this time. That’s why e-learning is the future.  

There are several different e-learning platforms available to choose from, each with their own features and requirements. Several schools want to know right now which ones will benefit them best.  We’ve set up a service offering you our expertise and technical experience to help you choose the right e-learning platform for you. We also offer set up, training and support!

Click here to Learn more about our E-Learning service.

You can get free access to our library of educational videos and lessons for primary schools. The content is based on the NERDC school curriculum and created based on a micro-learning method to aid student comprehension on any topic. 

As the whole world currently faces this challenge, it’s up to all of us to do the right thing and avoid public gatherings as much as possible to protect ourselves and those around us. Luckily, we have tools that can make working from home easier. Check out our Co-vid Category for more tips on dealing with the lock-down. 

What will you be getting up to during the 2 week social distancing period? As for me, I’m finally focusing on taking an online course I’ve been postponing for ages. How about you? Leave a quick comment below! And don’t forget to stay safe…