Update: SAFSMS Mobile is now available on Google Play Store here 

Everywhere you turn to these days, there is a mobile phone user. At FlexiSAF, we focus on our users and since more of our users are accessing our system using their mobile devices (as confirmed by analysing data), FlexiSAF is presenting to you SAF-Mobile; the mobile version of SAFSMS.

Introducing the Mobile School Management Software

SAF Mobile School Management Software allows for easy access to the numerous features of SAFSMS right from your mobile device! Simply download the mobile application on your phone and with internet connection, you are good to go. This means that SAFSMS is now accessible to you from everywhere – at home and in school.

The simplicity of SAF-Mobile allows users to focus on the task at hand. For teachers, parents, and school administrators, SAF-Mobile allows for on-the-go monitoring of your students, wards and school activities.

It resembles the web version of SAFSMS so users do not have to feel like it is an entirely different application. Login details from the web version still work just fine, so you don’t have to worry about creating a new account.

The initial version launching later this month will allow parents view records/real time updates of their wards or children on their mobile phones. However, more awesome features would soon be rolling out to enable teachers and school administrators do more.

We are with you on the journey to making SAFSMS the number one school management Software in Nigeria and will continue to provide features and services that offer you the best user experience!

Updated: SAF-Mobile School Software is now available on Google Play. You can start using SAFSMS for free now and see why it’s the trusted solution for over 400 schools in Nigeria.