Managing big data has been the nightmare for Kuntau Science Academy shortly after inception. The School was established in September, 2007. In less than ten years of setting up, it became one of the most populated private school in Kano State with over 2075 students and over 100 academic staff.


As the school experienced rapid expansion and a rabbit-like growth in population, its administrators faced major challenges such as:
A – Inadequate record keeping
School administrators had difficulty of providing a system that could keep up with the pace of growth. In running any type of institution, inadequate record keeping just doesn’t cut it! Every new addition needs to be accounted for. How else will you be able to track progress reports and  identify leverage points in lacking areas? The school was in need of a system that would be their salvation from loss or even total ruin.
B – Tedious Result Processing
If you are a teacher then you are not unfamiliar with the shivering feeling after remembering you think of result compilation at the end of term. It’s become a complete nightmare for subject and form teachers.

It became tradition for the staff to compile results during the holidays while students are unaware of their performance till resumption. This has often taken time for staff development and training to better equip themselves in delivering quality education.

On the other hand, the parents/guardian of pupils are left in the dark having no clue of their weak subjects in order to enlist them for extra-mural lessons.
C – Monitoring Staff Activities
Due to the large number of staff and the likelihood of human errors, it also became excessively difficult to monitor and secure school records. Issues will also arise in trying to effectively make sure no one tampers with scores.


In the midst of these worries, Kuntau Science Academy (KSA) turned to FlexiSAF to provide them with one of their magic remedies; SAFSMS (School Management Software) in 2013. Having enjoyed SAFSMS for over two years, the school administrator is confident in his record keeping. He can now categorically give the exact statistics of students in various arms and classes -either all together or individually- flexibly.

Monitoring staff activities and having total control on their records was unbelievable to the Director. We didn’t let his jaw linger open for too long though; instead, we left him with an open mind to the countless other advantages. Also, with the score entry time-frame, he is sure of the integrity of the results now issued within two days after examination.

No one is happier than the form teachers who can now rest during the holidays and also embark on developmental programs to become better equipped in delivery of quality education. This way everyone is happy.

The complete substitution of receiving results after resumption with leaving school with results in hand rendered the traditional method as an obsolete practice. Parents are now very confident in KSA and are happily working together with the school to correct/prevent any arising problem  during the holidays with regards to their child/ward’s performance. These include personal tutoring, extra-mural lessons, boot camps and other sure ways of increasing child performances & developments in schools!

They are now looking at numbers like 99% Error-Free Results and 60% Increase in Staff Productivity because of one of our prescribed remedies.