Keep the kids busy doing brain work during the Co-VID lock-down! Even though most schools have closed unexpectedly (and maybe indefinitely), there are still ways to keep your child engaged in learning.

Let’s face it, kids don’t want to hear anything about school while they’re at home and we don’t blame them really. But we know it can be tough trying to manage an unexpected school break while many of us still need to work from home or are too busy worried about the Coronavirus crisis.

Luckily, there are lots of cool platforms on the internet that make it easier and more exciting for kids to learn (and stay out of your hair or away from the TV).

We took the liberty of compiling this awesome list for you that finds a middle-ground between Education and Entertainment -some edutainment if you will as we all wait out the corona virus outbreak at home. 

7 INTERESTING Educational Platforms for Kids 

Khan Academy




First up is Khan Academy! (KA), a world famous software solution that teaches with the use of well-explained, short videos. Their motto is A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”. How great is that? people of all calibers can use this marvelous tool from kids, adolescents to adults. It gives access to different subjects such as math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history etc. While using KA you gain points and badges to boost your morale during study mode. Kids can learn anything from the very basics to a stage of mastery! Also available is the offline version which is called KA Lite, so no need to worry about internet! You and your child can both learn new things in subjects of interest.


Code Academy


Next up is codecademy – the Academy for coding as we like to call it! If your kid is interested in learning how to code/write programs then codecademy is the sure way to go. The platform is easy to use and suites learners of all levels. When a child registers to take a course on codecademy he/she is guided with hints throughout  – if needed – in addition they can navigate back to past programs to remember what they did.

Codecademy also has a great reward system where badges are earned based on accomplishments of finished tasks. Kids can  successfully learn how to code in any of the 8 different programming languages including Python, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, and Ruby, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS. So spare not another minute and get your little geeks signed up on this exciting platform!

Fact Monster


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With a very catchy name, we introduce Factmonster to you. This website will educate your child in subjects that cut across the curriculum and also out of it. The site also has sections on World & News, Language, Myth, Reference Desk, Quizzes & Games and so much more. There’s a particular category called “Cool Stuff”, which gets your child in tune with what other children would typically not know e.g. Origins of things, Customs of places and the Stock Market!

Also available for kids that love to read is the free ebook access in the “Funbrain” section. The little one will definitely become a little nerd when they develop a habit of using this tool.

E-Learning for Kids 

This platform offers short and effective lessons for learners of all grades and ages in 7 broad areas: Math, science, life skills, computer, health, environment and language. Each lesson contains several short (less than 5 minute) video exercises to keep the kids fully engaged the entire time. The videos are quite fun and are presented like stories with interactive questions for the kids. After a lesson is complete, your child receives a ‘certificate’ (how cute is that?) of completion and encouragement. We like that this tool also has an offline version which is available on request via the website.

Your Trusted E-Learning Partner

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Top Marks 



On Topmarks, teaching and learning materials are made available to everyone from students to parents to teachers. Finding stuff is easy-peasy on this site because it’s searchable by age group and/or subject. Topmarks also has Story Planning in the English section and Experiments to conduct in the Science section. This platform may be the most fun for kids because of its innovative exercises. The tasks are presented as fun games. Your child might just be thinking he/she is lost in a gaming world but it’s just math or English or some ancient history puzzle!

The Parent resources can help with methods of encouragement, toys and activities for learning, bullying advice and so much more. This platform takes cognitive learning to whole other level and is a good recommendation for kids to try out.






IXL which short for “I Excel” is a practice platform for learners in areas of math and language arts from early years to senior secondary stages. The website hosts a lot of useful resources for teaching and learning methods. Learning new skills and being motivated in entertaining ways is what IXL is all about. Kids can have a treasure hunt experience in terms of tackling math challenges. More practice means more wins revealed in colorful prizes! Get real insight into your child’s profile practice habits, improvement over time, and areas of weakness. There are also huge benefits for family or school membership with learning exercises that stimulate specific parts of the brain and other methods free from distractions. Free your child into the wonderful adventureland of learning in creative ways with IXL.



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Last but not the least, we have the Hangman game! Yes this game can be both educating and fun. It’s been available since time and has greatly evolved over the years. Traditionally hangman is played in a group where people pair up and draw a stickman getting hung as a member of a group fails to guess what the other is acting out. In this particular context, the hangman game has several different categories for players to pick ranging from places, to famous actors, to history of the world or a country etc. Kids learn new facts with every try on Hangman. There are so many customized varieties of the game available in both online and offline versions.

These are some of our top suggestions to keep your child learning new things everyday in an entertaining way.

What did we miss? Have you tried any of these or would you rather other alternative ‘Edutainment’ tools your kids currently use? Tell us about it in the comments! (You’ll be helping out other readers)