Guest Writers

Our Company blog is Now accepting Guest posts!

With a growing audience and subscriber base, we’ve decided to open up FlexiSAF blog to new writers sharing fresh perspectives. Before submitting a guest post, kindly ensure it meets our standards by adhering to the following guidelines:

Our blog categories:

Edtech: News, Products, Reviews, Lists or opinion pieces about educational technology 

Management: Posts about Leadership & Improving Personal or Team management

Engineering: Software development and technology

Steps to submit Your Guest post:

If you have an idea or a post that falls into any of the above categories,

  1. Send a pitch for your topic to
  2. We’ll be in touch within 1 week if we like your post and inform you on how to proceed
  3. All guest posts will be credited to the author


We look forward to receiving your submissions. Feel free to send a follow up message if you do not get a reply from us within a week.