Our COVID-19 Preparation and Response

Dear Community,

At this unsettling time, we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones now, more than ever. For us at FlexiSAF, we will continue to work diligently to support you through this difficult period.

Part of our plans is to ensure that our cloud-based infrastructure, as well as our physical offices, are safe and fully functional. We are also prepared to continue with a fully remote workforce and you should very much expect that business will continue as usual.

In case of any eventualities, all training and support that might require a physical presence would be handled via a virtual platform which would be communicated to you as needed.

However, we implore that you take the necessary precautions; Keep your hands clean by washing them often, Cough into your elbow, Keep your hands away from your face, Stay at least 3 feet apart and ensure your items(phone, pc etc) are sanitized too. Lastly, if you feel sick, do stay at home.

For any question or concern, please reach out to us or our support team, who are ready to assist. 

Best Regards,


Knowledge they say is power, to find out more information on Corona Virus you can take a course on Alison or volunteer to help spread awareness.

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