Yesterday at the monthly meet-up, Re:learn launched its Education Network, along with a Q&A session for interested applicants. The network is a system of facilitators, passionate about leveraging technology to enhance the classroom learning experience.

Echoing FlexiSAF’s commitment to improve education by promoting effective ICT use, Re:learn’s Educators Network also aims to help schools and students enhance learning with the use of technology.

They are doing this by bridging the gap in terms of quantity and quality of teachers required to reach UNESCO’s 2050 Education for All target. Re:learn is developing what they describe as ‘a new wave of Educators capable of leveraging technology to educate the next generation’.

Recruitment is currently open to graduates with a passion for education who will be selected into the Education Network through a thorough process. Recruited applicants will be trained as full time STEM educators and deployed to schools on a flexible teaching schedule.

The network will be launching in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Jigawa States. Interested applicants between 21-35 years can find out more on how to apply here