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If you have been following us on Twitter, then you know about our regular polls and you’ve probably given your opinions on several discussions we’ve had about education and technology.

Here are some of the previous polls:

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So here’s what we want to discuss: the other week, we asked you to pick the most important reason for teaching with educational technology in schools and these were the results after a week:

Opinion: Which do you think is the most important effect of using classroom/learning technology? Vote & RT #poll

— FlexiSAF (@FlexisSAF) August 4, 2017

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The progression was note worthy. At first, more people thought that technology should be used in the classroom first and foremost to teach children skills. That seemed to make sense because it’s true that effective classroom tech use can equip students with critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as the digital skills they need to survive in the future. This was admittedly my personal opinion.

However, as time progressed, the polls started to favor Student Engagement. That eventually became the leading answer. After further research, it appears that student engagement is actually the primary reason most teachers include tech tools in lessons.

Why are Teachers Using Technology for Student Engagement?

The 2 most important reasons why teachers prefer ed-tech tools for engaging students are:

  1. Technology has been proven to help teachers reach students with different learning styles during the lesson.
  2. Visual technologies such as virtual reality, multimedia usage and gamification are popular ways to introduce a new topic to students or solidify their interest in an existing topic.

So it turns out, if you want to capture your students hearts and minds, incorporating appropriate technology in your lesson is a good way to go.

However, the other options listed in the poll are also valid reasons why the use of classroom  learning technology is also on the rise:

In Why Kids Need Smart Schools,  we address how Educational technology is important for preparing kids with important life skills.

These days, Students can also learn at their own pace using content auto-designed around them i.e Personalized Learning

What other reasons do you think digital learning tools are becoming increasingly popular? Don’t agree with the results? Follow us on Twitter and make your opinion count next time around!

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