Edtech in Nigeria: Check out these Start-Ups

As the tech industry in Nigeria grows, it is only natural to see more and more innovation geared towards making life easier for our struggling education sector. Despite these 4 challenges to using ed-tech in Nigeria, some daring start ups are bent on taking their chances and coming up with their solutions to unique educational problems.

So we did a little digging and discovered these 7 ed-tech start ups (8, counting ourselves) changing the face of learning in Nigeria, in one way or another:

  1. Primal tutor

Primal tutor is a hub with a mission to deliver the best knowledge to users at affordable rates. On primal tutor, parents can locate the best home tutors for their children. To request for a tutor, you simply fill a form specifying student and subject details and wait to be paired with a tutor, usually within 24 hours.

Likewise, qualified teachers interested in applying are required to fill in a similar form and await vetting and approval.

edtech in nigeria, primal tutor

  1. Scholar X

African students can easily access top quality education opportunities worldwide using Scholar X.

edtech in nigeria - scholar x

After downloading the App from Google Play store and iTunes, Users create an account using valid email address or phone number, then they select any of the following parameters: State, Faculty, College, School, CGPA/Level, and Click Search….and it automatically gives the list of Scholarships that matches their qualification.

  1. Re:learn

The folks at Re:learn, an initiative of Co-creation Hub are bent on helping schools and students use technology in smarter ways to enhance learning.

Their regular activities train students and teachers in applied principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Through the recent launch of their Educators Network, they are developing a strong network of teachers and facilitators capable of leveraging 21st century tools to teach effectively. Teachers and schools looking to join relearn’s educators network or take part in their activities, check it out here

  1. EduRecords

A cloud based solution for storing and monitoring school, student and staff records;  Edurecords includes tools for students, teachers and parents that enhance learning. The platform also delivers personalized study guides to tackle a child’s academic weakness, as well as automate the teaching processes. School administrators or owners can sign up on the website.

  1. Schoolmate

Schoolmate is an interactive social learning app designed to bring in a new and interesting dimension to learning and interaction within higher institutions of learning.

After downloading the app on Google play store, student and staff can access news feed, timetable notifications, instant messaging, course information, useful articles, student advertorials and social media feeds. The app also allows students to get notifications about their results, CGPA and payment status. Parents or guardians are also able to install the app for instant access to their wards studentship status in terms of grades and fees.

  1. Braniacs

Braniacs are interested in teaching STEM and robotic skills of the future to children and young adults. Some of the modules they offer include: Robotics, Game Modding, Computer Programming & Apps development and Basic Electronics. Braniacs offer flexible packages for schools, individuals and groups.

Visit their site to learn how Braniacs packages can be delivered and how your school can get involved.

  1. Prepclass

Prepclass connects learners with vetted and qualified tutors for academic and non-academic fields. The user has the option of choosing a tutor for a skill such as painting, music or even to prepare for a specific exam or test.

Like Primal Tutor, users fill a form indicating their request and are contacted in a few hours with a qualified tutor. Tutors can register by fill a form after which they are contacted to be verified and tested.

8. FlexiSAF EduSoft

FlexiSAF is an innovative educational solution company with software expertise. They are the creators of SAFSMS, a simple, affordable and flexible school management solution that improves teaching, learning and school administration.

edtech in nigeria - flexisaf


SAFSMS is used by over 300 schools across Nigeria. You can try a free demo now to see for yourself why.

FlexiSAF is also behind SRMS; a transcript and record management solution for higher institutions, multiple e-learning solutions, web portals and a free JAMB, WAEC and NECO training platform; distinction.ng

It’s always exciting for us to see new developments spring up in Nigeria’s fast growing ed-tech sector as we keep looking for more and more ways to innovate simple teaching and learning experiences. Read Why Kids Need SMART Schools to see why we think this is important.

Did we leave out anyone? Which other innovative ed-tech startups do you think deserve to be on this list? Tell us in a comment below!