The Urgent Need for Guidance and Counselling in our Schools’ System

Charity, they say begins at home, but it is also an agreeable fact that schools, especially the elementary schools, play a vital role in shaping a child’s future.


For a typical African school system, the non-academic interaction with a child is not given prior importance. While Conant (former president, Harvard University), rightly said “It would not be too much to say that in the success or failure of our guidance programme, hangs in all probability, the success or failure of our education system.” That is why Guidance and Counselling should not be underestimated.


So, What is Guidance and Counselling?

The authors of The Guidance Manual for teachers (Hamrin and Erickson) defined guidance as “that aspect of educational programme which is concerned especially with helping the pupil to become adjusted with his present situation and to plan his future in line with his interests, abilities and social needs.


Counselling on the other hand, as defined by the (NHS England) is a type of talking therapy that allows a person to talk about their problems in a confidential and dependable environment.


With the hustle and bustle of the modern times, the challenges children face from home and their other immediate environments is on the rise. Parents are too indulged in their careers, and those who are not are constantly on social media. Teachers are not passionate about their profession, most of them underestimate the impact of their roles if played at all.


According to psychological studies, Lack of sufficient Guidance and counselling in the life of a child may lead to:

behavioural problems, addiction, substance abuse and inferiority complex which may eventually lead to anger management problems, rebellion and terrorism, suicide and a lot more. Moreso, a lot of those who eventually make it well past the educational system end up in professions they are extremely unhappy with.


It would not be too much to say the above stated problems are of the greatest problems our country is facing currently – the lack of productivity from our most energetic population, i.e the youth. A successful Guidance and Counselling system, if properly implemented, should be able to achieve the following:

  • Meet emotional needs
  • Help in improving poor academic behaviour
  • Help in efficient identification of talents and skills
  • Communicate any slight changes in children to parents and how to handle such situations                  
  • Effective counselling on the dangers of substance abuse and how to repel bad influences
  • Career guidance
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Study skills and habits and more.


From the above we may deduce that, a properly implemented Guidance and Counselling system is an urgent need in our school systems. Engage your child today, engage yourself in happiness tomorrow.



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  1. Saidu Takuma
    Saidu Takuma says:

    Guidance and counseling is also an essential tool in addressing the potential long term needs of specific skills for the workforce of a nation. In conjunction with the strategic planning and vision of any nation, it is important that market forces are not the only determinants of what sectors; social, economic or industrial, become more prominent.

    There has to be balance based on the identified needs of a society. Without deliberate “Social Engineering” which can mainly be attained through what you had aptly described earlier as Guidance and Counseling, developing nations in particular, run the risk of lacking the necessary social, intellectual, entrepreneurial, and industrial skill sets to manage their human and natural resources optimally.

    Thus, Guidance and Counseling, in my humble opinion, is a necessary educational exercise for any nation to realize its full potential.

    • Amina Abubakar
      Amina Abubakar says:

      Indeed it is! That’s why we are trying our best to support such a noble cause for a greater Nigeria!! Thank you so much for your contribution! We look forward to seeing more of you!

  2. Maryam Lemu
    Maryam Lemu says:

    I absolutely agree. We run a school and we share the concerns raised. We see the disconnect between the children and their parents. Parents are busy pursuing their dreams or are clueless about how to parent while kids are left to fend for themselves during this critical age, and they often end up succumbing to negative peer pressure. We also see the challenge on the part of the teachers. They view the profession as a stepping stone and not as a privilege. Other careers such as medicine, engineering, accounting require high skills and rigorous tests before certification. Sadly, due to the under skilled workforce in the teaching profession, the children are ignored from both ends and often are left to step into teenagehood with its emotional roller coaster, obstacle courses and minefields.
    The need for a healthy, highly skilled Guidance and Counseling unit in every educational institute is critical. This is a constantly evolving area and the individuals in these positions need to update their knowledge in this fluid ever-changing world we live in especially with kids exposure to social media.

    • Amina Abubakar
      Amina Abubakar says:

      Yes indeed! We need more able hands in this area! If you have suggestions on how we can help raise the awareness effectively and get it to work, we’d really appreciate them, we need experienced hands like yours. Thank you once again for making time for us! God bless!

  3. Halima Abubakar
    Halima Abubakar says:

    I agree with the article and with the comments above. I also believe that a basic level of guidance and counselling should be a required part of every teacher’s training. Parents also need to pay more attention to their children and be aware of their various interests, friends and activities. With their 24/7 social media use and constant bombardment from different media of explicit and subliminal messages, kids these days are often left rudderless and confused. It is up to us to provide a safe and caring environment for them to discuss their fears and hopes. It is our responsibility to show them the various paths available to them in their academic and personal lives and encourage them to make new paths. Only then can we expect them to grow up into the best versions of themselves and be an asset to their community.

    • Amina Abubakar
      Amina Abubakar says:

      Great feedback. I totally agree with this line.”I also believe that a basic level of guidance and counselling should be a required part of every teacher’s training.” I also think we should raise awareness to parents too, even schools should take up the responsibility to help parents fulfill their roles.


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