We complain and groan that things do not go our way. That some selected few have been earmarked for all the wonderful things on earth and that the remaining people would just have to live with what is available. But I say to you today that whatever your experience in life is, this statement is not correct. It is in the challenges of life that we find opportunities.

Yesterday, I was looking at a picture that said that one of the most searched sentences on Google from Nigeria was how to make Banga. Well, for a lot of people, it would seem like a challenge that with the power of what Google can provide, we as a country is still yet able to harness its power. But what if you looked at the positive side, at the demand for making Banga. What if anyone could start a blog or a website on how to make Banga and probably name the domain banga.ng?

Challenges are the pathways to opportunities and the more you are able to see challenges as opportunities, the more you would complain less and work harder. It does not seem to come easy. Every great thing seems to always come from a lot of hard work and in the end, we gain the reward. So seek for whatever challenges you face today and see how you can find the opportunities in them. If you find it challenging, then another person might also find it challenging. Then simply fix it. That is all you need to do.

By complaining and whining about challenges, we are doing one thing well. Complaining. But does that solve the problem? Obviously, it does not. So the most important thing you have to do is to realize that complaining would not make the challenge go away, as such, we have to be willing to look for the opportunity and keep looking until we find it. Life does not always give us a finished product, it gives us the raw material from which we are meant to find the solution.

Every time you face a challenge, assume you have been given a raw material. Then find time to extract the impurities out of the challenge. All you would be left with is simply the main product. And sometimes challenges does not mean the solution is out there, sometimes it simply means that we are the ones that are the raw materials and we would need to work on ourselves to have a finished product. A product everyone would like and appreciate.

Always find ways to refine and improve yourself every day. We are not perfect. So when you realize a challenge, look inwards first, then look outwards. Challenges are the pathways to opportunities.