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principal and parents with child

Managing a school is a huge responsibility. If you’re tired of reading numerous articles on the web that go on about becoming a better principal, without actually providing the valuable help you need to get there, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to hone your best school admin skills with this straight-to-the-point guide for improving school management.

But first, is this something you’re cut out to do? Take this quiz designed to reveal just how right you are for this position of leadership.

If you’ve taken the quiz and you’re satisfied with your answer, then Go Ahead and get the free guide below. It contains some checklists and activities that you can tick off as you progress.

The Modern School Managers Guide: Everything you need to know about Running a School, Simplified


  1. Goals
  2. Managing School Finances
  3. Managing Academics
  4. Managing staff
  5. Managing Students
  6. Managing parents
  7. Managing suppliers, investors and vendors
  8. Managing yourself


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