FlexiSAF’s CEO, Faiz Bashir,  gives everyone at the company a “motivational refresher course” on how SAF School Management Software came to be, the core mission of the company and why we should all keep going.

Today, I want to share with you a brief history about “Result Compiler”.

It all began when I completed my Junior Secondary School in 1997. During my vacation, I came across a simple Q-Basic program that accepts the scores of students as input, computes the total and average scores and generates an output in a tabular format for each student.

This simple program had a connection with my experience in school. I recalled those 1-2 weeks periods after our exams that we basically played football from morning till evening (with a few breaks during prayer and dining hall times), waiting for our teachers to finish compiling the results. Those A2 blue cardboard papers that they fill with our scores popularly called “Blue Sheet” still remain fresh in my memory. You don’t work on the “Blue Sheet” if you don’t have a correcting fluid because making mistakes are inevitable.

The idea of Result Compiler was born out of this simple program and the thoughts of the difficult and time-consuming task that our teachers had to go through to compile our results.

Since then, the passion for simplifying tasks and improve processes has never declined in me. The Result Compiler idea and that passion were the key motivators for me to continue to learn computer programming. Every programming example I came across, from simple “Hello World” to advanced concepts, was always an idea for building Result Compiler. In essence, I kept learning to program in order to develop Result Compiler.

Every opportunity I had, between system crashes and power outages, I kept learning and developing Result Compiler. I have written a sizeable code of Result Compiler on exercise books, only to be transferred to the system whenever NEPA decides.

Eight years later, the first version of Result Compiler was released. And if you were wondering, I am sure you now understand that Result Compiler is the genesis of SAF School Management Software.

Reflecting back on those years, I am convinced that it’s that passion to simplify tasks and improve processes that motivated me and kept me focused.

As FlexiSAF evolved, I have seen a similar passion in our people, which is what brought us to where we are today. That passion has kept us late in the nights and early in the morning hours, beyond the 9-5 paradigm, to achieve our goals. It’s that passion that will keep us moving to achieve our mission of “transforming education using technology”.

Considering the importance of education in building societies and the role technology plays in this age, you can never be blamed for being passionate about impacting millions of lives. Whether you are a sales/marketing personnel, a business developer, an administrator or a software engineer your passion is a core value that would transform those million lives.

As we continue to grow as a company we have 3 strong values that keep us moving and guide the way we work in order to help achieve our mission. Being passionate is one of them.

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