What Does Democracy Mean To You?

What does democracy mean to you?   The freedom…
how to use the pareto principle

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: Pareto Principle

This principle is the famous 80/20 principle. The core understanding…

Talk-2-Me: Happy Children's Day

  We believe everyday should be a happy day for a child.…
make someone happy

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: Make Someone Happy Today

  Little do we understand the value of happiness especially…
What is the difference

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: What Is The Difference?

  Walking through the street, I see people who drive themselves…
flexisaf news

Here's What We've Been Up to since March

Hello! Have you missed our updates? Forgive us for not being…
networks that you trust

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: Grow Your Network

  You can not do everything by yourself. This means that…