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A feature to Show What We’ve Been Up To

As usual, we’ve been working to improve the user experience…

Brown Bag Series: How to Effectively Manage a Project

What is a project? A project is a temporary endeavor or work…

The Urgent Need for Guidance and Counselling in our Schools' System

Charity, they say begins at home, but it is also an agreeable…

Curbing Exam Malpractice: Standardizing examinations using technology

Last year, WAEC implemented two new strategies aimed at curbing…
relearn launches education network

Educating the next generation with a new wave of Educators

Yesterday at the monthly meet-up, Re:learn launched its Education…

Practice JAMB with Distinction.ng

Prepare for your exams with Distinction.ng Distinction.ng is…

Excursion Series: Computer-Based Test for Distinction.ng with Students of Livingspring Int'l. School

The students of Livingspring International School Visited FlexiSAF…

Brown Bag Series: Writing Tests

For the first part of the Software Testing series, read here In…

Excursion Series: Students of Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Visit FlexiSAF

On the 8th of march, students of Modibbo Adama University of…