IT Solutions: Working With Your School’s Budget

It’s no longer news, IT has become an increasingly developmental craze of the world today. Many schools have ceased the opportunity to establish a reliable IT infrastructure with relevant tools, thereby ensuring that teaching and learning are enhanced. Although, for many small and medium-sized schools, the tools being used must also meet certain budgetary requirements working with the new adage, “an IT solution that can do more for less”. We’ve narrowed down some IT hardware & software solutions meant to ease the school’s processes while meeting their financial means.

  • Power Back-up System

    As we have all probably experienced at one point or the other, power outages & surges can be very infuriating and consequently, detrimental to electronics & IT equipment in schools. Power back-ups should be installed to help for a gentle shutdown- such as an inverter system, which is electrically recharged and can save the school a lot on fuel and maintenance costs of running Diesel Generators. Another alternative is for schools to generate their own electricity through Solar power which can significantly reduce the high cost of electricity consumption. Some solar panels are quite inexpensive, noiseless, pollution-free and easy to install in an open space which is readily available on school rooftops.

  • School Management Software (SMS)

    It is quite risky and expensive to leave so much of your school administration vulnerable to human error, even if your school has had years of running without a software solution. Having an SMS in place (some of which can be sourced at relatively low cost) is a strategy purposely engineered to cater to your school’s administrative and financial processes- from result compilation to budget analysis. It is also flexible and customizable to suit any user’s desirable outcome.

  • ICT Consultation & Setup

    Before any active ICT solution software is installed or implemented, ICT consultancy should be sourced from reliable service providers who can help in  setting up any software solution, as well as being able to provide necessary tech support for your concerns and queries. ICT consultation can be quite affordable (depending on your service provider) and it is sometimes offered as a package i.e. complete school automation ( e-learning platform installation, website design, school administration records, database management and maintenance for your school).

  • Cloud:

    A recent study by Rackspace Hosting showed that majority of companies are moving a variety of capabilities to the cloud, recognizing cost savings and increased profits. Several schools have also opted for cloud, citing the need to securely and conveniently process and access data while saving costs in purchasing servers. Another plus to using the cloud is that time and effort spent in manual compilation of truck loads of data is entirely eliminated.

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