blood donation

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: What You Should Know About Blood Donation

Did you know that it is not yet possible to manufacture blood…
Artificial Intelligence

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: What Is Artificial Intelligence?

The word garbage in, garbage out is used to define the Computer…

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: Focus On The Solution, Not The Problem

It is funny how you learn a lot about life from very weird places.…
quality education in nigeria

Hot Topic: Quality Education, Standards & the Factors Involved

Factors Influencing Education Standards and Quality Education…
empowering girls in school

Empowering Girls in the Classroom

Girl Empowerment Activities: Empowering Girls in the Classroom Much…
how to use the pareto principle

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: Pareto Principle

This principle is the famous 80/20 principle. The core understanding…
make someone happy

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: Make Someone Happy Today

  Little do we understand the value of happiness especially…
What is the difference

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: What Is The Difference?

  Walking through the street, I see people who drive themselves…
networks that you trust

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: Grow Your Network

  You can not do everything by yourself. This means that…