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Thoughts from AbdulAzeez: Living Life the Agile Way

Recently, my boss gave a wonderful presentation on the Agile methodology of building Software. Agile methodology is simply a diversion from the well known waterfall model of developing Software. Well, I’ll explain a little about what each of these terms mean. In a Waterfall model of developing Software, you have different stages in Software development […]

Brown Bag Series: RESTful Services

This brown bag session was presented by AbdulAzeez Idris. Recently, one of the most advocated means of creating services has been through the use of RESTful services. Before we continue, we would like to explain exactly what REST means and what criteria must be met before a service is indeed RESTful. REST was a word […]

8 Nigerian Edtech Startups You Should Know by Now

As the tech industry in Nigeria grows, it is only natural to see more and more innovation geared towards making life easier for our struggling education sector. Despite these 4 challenges to using ed-tech in Nigeria, some daring start ups are bent on taking their chances and coming up with their solutions to unique educational […]

Here’s What We’ve Been Up To

Has anyone wondered why we haven’t posted this weekly feature since the Google VR cardboard Giveaway post? Well we were sort of banking on the fact that no-one noticed, but we didn’t post because our regular author was away and the team was experiencing the bus factor. This week has been busy, busy as usual. Besides handling […]