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Empowering Girls in the Classroom

Girl Empowerment Activities: Empowering Girls in the Classroom Much of what can be done to support and encourage girls to grow up strong and brave happens during their younger years. This is why it’s important to build their confidence and show them just how much they can achieve. Gender stereotypes unfortunately still thrive today, but […]

Here’s What We’ve Been Up to since March

Hello! Have you missed our updates? Forgive us for not being able to make it regular. Let’s quickly try and cover everything major we’ve been up to since the last update in February (phew!) We’ll do that in 2 mins tops. Excursion Series We had another Excursion visit, this time from Glisten Academy students and […]

What Makes a High Quality Curriculum? 

What Makes a Good Curriculum?  The educational system, and schools in particular have a responsibility to individual children and the society at large to prepare future ready learners for the world. This is why a standards based curriculum is very important – All good curricula are based on certain requirements and standards usually outlined  by […]

Why Do Schools Need School Management Software?

This post was originally published on SAFSMS blog – the No 1 source for teachers, Educators & school admin. You know all the benefits of a school management software, but how can you be sure you really need one? If two or more of the following apply to you, management software is just what you […]

Here’s What We’ve Been Up To: Week 4 September

Last week, FlexiSAF was featured in Daily Trust‘s youth publication; Teen Trust. Our interview was published in the September 19th issue where we spoke about the important role of Technology in transforming education today. Grab a copy of the paper if you can – it also contains interesting articles and stories from student journalists and […]