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Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Sometimes we want to push ourselves to our limits with the hopes that everything works. But life happens and things do not go as planned. We feel unhappy and devastated. In such moments, we tell ourselves that we might indeed have not been good enough for the process and that we might need something else. […]

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: Know Thy Time

n life, the only thing we cannot get more of is time. Once gone, it cannot be recovered. It slowly passes by every moment. It is the only currency that makes life worth living because once exhausted, we cannot have it back. Hence, we have to learn how to be time conscious. However, some of us […]

Thoughts From AbdulAzeez: The Power Of Silence

Many times, we want our voice and our opinion to be heard. So we talk about it and want others to listen to what we have to say and perhaps become a better person in the conversation. Most times, when others are talking, we tend to wait for the point to interject and pass across […]