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A Parent’s Role In Child’s Career Choice

    I recently attended a graduation ceremony and was particularly moved by the chairman of the school’s speech. The chairman, a medical consultant said   “Parents, do not force your children into careers they are not interested in. I have seen many people graduate with very good results in professional courses and they end […]

Which One Matters More? Attitude Or Competence?

  We often think that talent and academic excellence are the clearest indicators of success. We assume that a child who is academically excellent will become successful in future, as though it is an automated process. But shall I inform you that the average kid who was regarded as simply ordinary yesterday-can very well make […]

How Coding Makes Kids Smarter

Does coding make a kid smarter? Technically, Yes it can. But How? What kind of smart, ‘book smart’? or more tech savvy? Aren’t they already tech smart anyway? If you’re a curious parent or teacher, these kinds of questions may fill your minds everyday because while you want your wards to be at pace with […]

Why Schools Should Have Dedicated G&Cs

On our advocacy trips to schools, trying to raise awareness about importance of Guidance and Counselling in schools and how it should be prioritized, We have heard so many distressing statements. Some schools said “we do have a G&C, Only she also teaches home management, history, social studies…..” and so on. One school admin simply […]

What Does Democracy Mean To You?

What does democracy mean to you?   The freedom to elect whoever you deem fit?   Or the freedom to say or do as you please?   What really is democracy?   In Cambridge english dictionary, democracy is defined as;   The belief in freedom and equality between people, or a system of government based […]

Talk-2-Me: Happy Children’s Day

  We believe everyday should be a happy day for a child. They deserve it. As they grow, they need to constantly remember these happy moments to help them pull through the challenges of adulthood. Though we celebrate our children everyday, we can still join in the fun to celebrate them together this day. After […]