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Talk-2-Me: Developing your child’s passion

Meet Joshua, another brave little code guru in the making. Joshua had just concluded his JSCE examinations and had a long holiday. His mum was wondering how she could engage her son through a holiday of almost three months. It just seemed too long. She wondered how he could stay engaged without getting bored.   […]

Career talk: Not Sure Where to Start? Try This

OK.I trust you’ve been good? That’s great to hear. Let’s have another career gist.   In our introductory talk about Career Guidance, I quoted an expert saying career guidance should start at most by age 7. So, if age 7 is an ideal age to introduce our children to the concept of career guidance, and […]


This feeling of not being “Up to the mark”, at some point or the other might have been experienced by all of us. We may feel inferior to others for certain reasons at certain times.   According to famous psychologist Alfred Adler, the feeling of inferiority develops due to the innate human tendency of striving […]